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Justin was born and raised in Western Philadelphia where as a child he would spend most of his days playing basketball at the local playground.  One day he was confronted by a couple of guys from the neighborhood who had reputations for being antagonistic.  Justin was forced to protect himself and a fight broke out.  No one was seriously injured, but Justin’s mom was afraid that there would be a retaliation so she sent him to live with his aunt and uncle in Bel Air.  Justin whistled for a cab and when it came near the license plate said “fresh” and had dice in the mirror.  If anything he could say that this cab was rare but he thought, “nah, forget it, yo homes to Bel Air!”  He pulled up to a house about seven or eight and yelled to the cabby, “yo, homes smell you later!”  Looked at his kingdom, he was finally there to sit on his throne as the prince of Bel Air.   Now safe in California, Justin discovered a fondness for photography.  He enrolled in college, and as a student, was awarded The Photoshop World Scholarship; an award granted to only 25 students nationwide.   He also won “Best in Show” at the first annual Long Beach Photo Fest in 2008.  After Graduating, Justin took on a 3 year apprenticeship under Master photographer and co-founder of  “The Nocturnes”, Tom Paiva,  who specializes in large format night photography.  It was during this time that Justin truly honed his skills as a photographer and learned to shoot in low light with any photographic format.  Justin made the natural progression to digital but took with him the knowledge and techniques of a traditional photographer.

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